19 March 2017

Halfway Done!

Wow, it is great to think that from here on out, each visit to the hospital will mean that Aliza has completed more infusions than she has remaining.

All is going, more or less, to plan. The Chemo continues to take its toll on Aliza physically, but the halfway milestone is an encouragement. In another month, she will have a CT scan which will hopefully have some good news. And, God willing, in three month's time, a PET scan will reveal that the cancer is in remission.

Until then: 1 day at a time; 1 week at a time; 1 infusion at a time.

Aliza has posted an update or two on her blog, she might have some scheduled to automatically post in the next few days too...


We've expanded out the meal sign ups through the end of April. Please use the MyCancerCenter calendar to sign up as it can be very hard to juggle who is doing what without it. We intentionally space things out for every-other-day because we often have enough in a single meal for left overs.

Also, if you'd like to schedule something that doesn't exist on the calendar, please send me an email or text and I will be happy to add it. Between the kid's schedule, Aliza's doctor appointments and medicine schedule and refills, the demands of work, we REALLY have to be organized or else this whole journey becomes even more difficult.

Thanks for all your help and support.

08 March 2017

The New Normal

It's really annoying to have to say that my wife's bi-weekly chemo infusions has become "normal". But... well, it has. The shock that comes with a sudden change in the flow of life has worn off. The typical fears, concerns, difficulties are just a fact of life now. This isn't to say all is well, but a routine has developed which makes things easier.

Through it all, and this is a way I have always viewed life, in planning for the worst and hoping for the best, we've seen some personal growth that is - dare I say - worth the trial. The small things are more significant now. Our kids are taking on new responsibilities. My relationship with my wife is better (she finally likes me! I jest, dearest ;), I know you still just put up with me!). This is an opportunity where we can clearly identify true things of value to our children... and ourselves too... such as spending time with one another, helping those in need, and living a life of gratefulness & thankfulness. When you wake up and take a deep breath and you have a moment free of pain... do you recognize what sort of gift that is?

My last post mentioned the difficult days. This one is to say that there are good days too. And during the bad days, there are good moments. And when everything seems horrible, there is always something to be thankful for.

We're thankful for friends and family who pray for and look after us.
We're grateful to have support from work.
We're relieved that our kids are really great.
We're refreshed when worshiping at church.
We're comforted by our God who is faithful.