22 April 2017

Infusion 8 Update

It's been pretty busy around here; just that time of year.

Quick summary: We're on track. Next infusion is Monday and we'll get a formal update from the Doctor about how the CT scan looks and a more detailed answer regarding the PFT.

Aliza's biggest struggle this past week... and probably for the duration of the chemo treatments... is chemo brain. It's hard to describe and I have erased several descriptions that just don't seem quite right. Suffice it to say, Aliza has a significant build up of medicine in her body of varying potency all churning throughout her brain's chemistry, draping a veil around her reality. If you've experienced waking up from being in surgery, that might offer a hint. Right now, on top of the direct impact the meds have on Aliza, there is also a lot of emotional strain ranging from feelings of incompetence to loneliness to wanting to be alone to guilt at not being able to be a better mom.

There's more on the blog, and one post that goes through a daily update. http://sparkmanescapades.blogspot.com/

06 April 2017

Another Infusion Complete; CT Scan and Testing

Aliza's recovery following her 7th infusion has been remarkably easier than other ones before. The day to day ups and downs were not nearly as severe. We're very thankful that the past week has been pretty good.

The biggest news is that tomorrow (today?), Aliza is going in for a breathing test (8:30 AM) and a CT scan (10AM). Following on from the previous Dr. visit, some of her fatigue has been caused by a shortness of breath and difficulty with physical exertion. For instance, climbing a flight of stairs requires a stop or two on the way up. One of the chemotherapy drugs she receives can cause lung damage, so she will start the day with a pulmonary function test.

Immediately after that is finished, she will hike (hopefully wheel!) across the hospital for a CT scan. This is an important check up to see how the lymph nodes are responding to the chemo treatment. Essentially, the doctor is looking to see whether the nodes have shrunk. The big fear is that they haven't, and worse, the disease has spread. This does happen about 5% of the time, so it isn't beyond the realm of reason. There are signs that the treatment is going to plan as her chronic cough seems to have ended and the other major lymph nodes (neck, arm pit) are still normal (to an external examination).

Please keep Aliza in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as she will definitely be fighting some anxiety. I'll send out another update once the results are in!