22 April 2017

Infusion 8 Update

It's been pretty busy around here; just that time of year.

Quick summary: We're on track. Next infusion is Monday and we'll get a formal update from the Doctor about how the CT scan looks and a more detailed answer regarding the PFT.

Aliza's biggest struggle this past week... and probably for the duration of the chemo treatments... is chemo brain. It's hard to describe and I have erased several descriptions that just don't seem quite right. Suffice it to say, Aliza has a significant build up of medicine in her body of varying potency all churning throughout her brain's chemistry, draping a veil around her reality. If you've experienced waking up from being in surgery, that might offer a hint. Right now, on top of the direct impact the meds have on Aliza, there is also a lot of emotional strain ranging from feelings of incompetence to loneliness to wanting to be alone to guilt at not being able to be a better mom.

There's more on the blog, and one post that goes through a daily update. http://sparkmanescapades.blogspot.com/

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