05 June 2017

12th Infusion Complete!

Just a quick update here: The 12th infusion had a long delay at the start because of Aliza's port acting up. However, once she was in her seat and the IV connected, the infusion went smoothly - much better than last time and an answer to prayer!

We're now back home and Aliza is fighting nausea and the general symptoms she usually has immediately following chemo.

 As Aliza regains her strength, she'll be getting back to updating her blog (sparkmanescapades.blogspot.com).

Just a reminder, July 3rd is the PET scan - we'll be sure to share the results.

01 June 2017

Final Infusion! And follow on details

Hi Everyone,

Aliza is doing well this week following from her 11th chemo infusion on May 22nd. The four days immediately following that infusion were really difficult for her emotionally / mentally and I am anticipating a similar reaction for her last infusion. The nurses also had to fight her port with difficulty getting blood return (essentially, they apply negative pressure to the line and expect to see blood coming out of her port - its a verification that things are working correctly). This made for a longer than expected visit and also was very tiring for Aliza. So, for her final infusion, please be keeping these two items in your thoughts and prayers for her.

On July 3rd, Aliza will go back to Simon CC for another PET scan and a consultation with the doctor - hopefully with details regarding the scan. This will confirm whether or not the last 6 months of chemo infusions have done their job. In the mean time, Aliza will be recovering and regaining strength.

As always, thanks for all of your support! It's hard to believe that it has already been 6 months... We couldn't have managed this without you all.