07 November 2012

2012 Elections

Wow. After the primaries I thought Romney was going to be a good match to take on Obama. He went after Newt, Cain, and all the others with abandon. But, come the dance, he let Obama off the hook. Romney never really challenged Obama on his record, or even on his attacks. Romney was on the defensive when he had the perfect reason to go full press. But he didn't and lost.

Will America be a different country in four more year? I fear yes. 

How? These are my fears:

Obamacare will be fully entrenched. I bet the middle east will be run by extremists. Israel may be a completely different place. We will have taken away many of our nukes from the world theater, leaving Russia as the largest threat to the world. And the US economy will stagnate and look more and more like Greece. Who knows, maybe Christians will be further chastised and labeled as extremists by a larger number of Americans.

One thing is certain: the "have nots" won last night.

Someone made a point on Rush yesterday. It was this: If you split the country in half and gave Obama and his supporters one side and Romney and his supporters the other, which side of the country would you choose to live on? Which side would have the nicer restaurants, the well maintained roads, job creators, and lower crime?

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