18 March 2013

Canon EOS Utility

Canon doesn't post a link to their EOS Utility application. This can be rather burdensome if you happened to have lost your dvd that came with the camera. The utility is a pain because it is the only way to add new lens profiles onto my camera or to install firmware updates. Go figure.

I was travelling and ran into the need to use the application, but couldn't find it anywhere. All of the work arounds for turning the EOS updater application into a viable installer didn't work for my setup.

Because of the troubles I've encountered, I decided to make a DMG of my disk (because I happen to use OSX) and thought it might come in handy for other people. Here it is. If it stops working, please leave a message in the comments or email me.

Yes, I encourage anyone who finds this to run a virus scan on the file. I can promise all day long that it's safe, but you have no reason to believe me really.

After running the installer, it would be worth heading over to Canon to download the latest update for the package.

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