17 July 2012

America Needs a Visionary

You want America to be great? How do we do that? By bitching all the time? By providing individual groups here and there with their incentives to vote a certain way?

Hell no. You do it through vision. Vision that can pave the way forward to giving the United States the single greatest infrastructure in the world. Infrastructure is key to the movement of people, accessibility of services, and the exchange of resources. The more robust the infrastructure, the more resilient we can be as a country.

The standard of living in the United States is as high as it is because there is a huge uniformity in available services. Highways criss cross the country allowing a business to get the goods it needs from anywhere in the country. Airports allow for quick travel and goods to arrive quickly from around the world. A satellite system for instant communication. Radio. Television. Knowledge.

What are we missing? Well for one, the weather can easily wreck havoc on our country. Why is it that no one talks about creating infrastructure to help deal with some of the greatest concerns we have?

Water is quite possibly the single most important resource our country has. It is also one that can cause death and destruction just as easily as it provides life. It's a fine balance... one that if we had a nation-wide distribution system for would possibly revolutionize this country.

Every year, throughout the country, there will be regions with too much water to handle and regions praying for the same rain that is ruining a small town to drop some water on their dried up farms.

When a region has excessive flooding, it would be possible to pump the excess back to "the grid" and hopefully mitigate the damage. It may not be possible to mitigate all potential damage, but it could possibly avoid the situations where there are flash floods or periods of extended rains that cause localized flooding. Some years there are areas in the country that in the middle of extreme droughts while other areas can't get rid of the water fast enough.

A nation-wide water distribution system would stabilize the farming industry as it would eventually be possible to irrigate every farm in the country.

This is a "blue sky" sort of dream. This would take trillions of dollars over dozens of years. However, it is this kind of dreaming, the dreaming that only the most powerful country in the world could undertake successfully.

Instead, we have Captain Blame up in DC talking about congress doing nothing. How the economy is Bush's fault. And for whatever reason, Romney screwed it up too. Obama has no vision and no idea as to what he is doing. Why can't people see that?

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