19 January 2014

Canon 580EX II Diffuser Replacement

I was getting out of my car the other day with too many things in my hands. One of those was my flash which, of course, I dropped. Annoyingly, the flash diffuser broke in the process. When this happens, a few things pass my mind: Is the part broken, or do I have to replace something? Can I do it? I hope it is cheap!

My broken diffuser. The hinges no longer lock into the diffuser base.

The answers: Yup, the diffuser hinge joint broke. Fortunately, I found the replacement part and it was relatively cheap (<$15). Sadly, I couldn't find any good tutorials online... So, for the first time ever, I figured I would post one.

The first step: ordering the part. I searched and found that uscamera.com is the place to go. The specific part I needed was cy2-4259. Conveniently, it arrived promptly! Thanks.

Next, figuring out what to do.

To take the flash apart, you have to pull off the rubber strips along the left and right sides. I took a small flat head screw driver and (from the flash end) wedged it under the rubber strip and gently pulled it up far enough so it could be grabbed. Placing the screw driver on the adhesive side and my fingers on the rubber side, I gently pealed the rubber away from flash housing. Repeat this for the other side and set the rubber strips aside so the adhesive doesn't get stuck to anything or anything stuck to it.

Next, unscrew three small phillips head screws around the hinge on each side of the flash (6 screws total).

Also unscrew the two phillips screws new the serial number label.

Looking at the hinge on the side with the push button there are two small snaps that need a gentle push to allow the flash shell to be taken off.

With the flash assembly exposed, gently lift out the light noting there is a very thin orange cable connecting to the PCB from underneath the flash.

This can be pulled out of the receptacle. Set the flash to the side of the housing.
The problematic orange ribbon cable.

Below the flash, there are 4 phillips screws holding the cover for the diffuser assembly. Remove these and the back cover will fall off.

Flip the flash assembly over and a new diffuser can be placed in the guide tracks.

This is my broken diffuser base locked into the housing.

The white reflector sits on the diffuser.

Reverse these steps to put it all back together! I used my flat head screw driver to push the small orange lead back into the connector. The rubber strips just need to be pressed firmly back into place.
Just above my thumb is the connector where the small orange ribbon cable is inserted.

Please remember that there is a button on one side of the hinge and put the correct rubber strip on that side!


  1. Thanks. I replaced mine yesterday.

  2. Thank you! This post saved me a ton of aggravation. Appreciate it.