05 January 2017

How to Help

I'm slowly learning of all of the various tasks Aliza just "magically" handled as she is being forced to take a break from her routines. I don't know how practical it is to create calendar events for each item that may arise, but I will try to detail some things for people to consider. Most of these are routine activities that Aliza tracked and managed. Jan and Lee are helping with a lot of this, but if they can't or I am traveling, then extra hands would help.

- Madison is involved in a robotics club that will meet regularly after school. In most cases transportation should be handled because our neighbors are also in the same club, but there may be a day when help would be needed. Robotics is 5:30-8:00 M,T,Th,F & Sa for the next 7 weeks. The actual meetings where Madi will be required may differ.

- Madison also has youth group at Trader's Point (near Whitestown) Sunday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30.

- Our kids can use help with homework. For instance, Lillian is starting a project that is beyond her abilities on her own and Cooper is getting his first taste of homework. If you want to plan to come over one afternoon a week when they get off the bus to supervise homework, let's work something out. Wednesday's are particularly challenging as the kids also have Awana that evening.

- Packing the kid's lunches or getting a meal ready. Even freezer meals need some preparation. If there is a night when it is just Aliza and the kids at home, she could use a hand. Right now there is no immediate need, but it could become necessary as my work schedule evolves.

- Watching the kids for an afternoon or over the weekend.

- Sitting with Aliza and keeping her company during the day. This one is simple but valuable and will become more important in the coming weeks.

- Cleaning is largely sorted out as one of Aliza's previous teaching friends connected us with someone. Before Aliza started treatments, the two of them went through the house and came up with a plan for taking on the items that the kids aren't quite skilled enough to handled. The cleaning lady comes every other week for a couple hours. But as any parent knows, there is always chores that need attention.

- Pick up and unpack a click-list shopping order from Kroger.

- Books and movies that you have enjoyed and would like to share, lend, or suggest would also be helpful. Days stretch out and become boring when all you can do is sit during the recovery days after an infusion. Please, no need to buy anything as borrowing is more fun and gets the job done just as well. You could even just come and watch the movie with her.

I'll amend this list as suggestions are given.

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