31 January 2017

Third Infusion

Firstly: A huge thanks to all the people who are helping out with meals and those sending words of encouragement to Aliza. The meals, for instance, really help us to stay on track with the routine of getting Cooper and Lillian in bed at a reasonable time without having to give up time with homework or reading a story and the notes, a flower bouquet, a small gift, are all a great surprise and pleasant reminder to Aliza of all those who care and are praying for her.

A quick update following the third Chemo infusion.

Aliza's blood work showed that she has no new white blood cells being produced. Her regular white blood cell count is also very low and well below the "safe" range. So, she is at significant risk for any infection, cut, or cold and as such we have to be extremely cautious with what she is exposed to and even what she does.

The infusion itself went well and Aliza is, thus far, recovering better than either of the two prior infusions. She is still very tired and nauseous, but the immediate drop off in ability to function following the infusion has not been as drastic.

I will leave most of the other "news" to Aliza to share as she feels up to it. My main intention is really to say thanks to everyone for caring.

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