12 May 2012

Austerity: Spanish Backlash

Once you give a society all that it needs, the whole cradle to the grave mentality, they will revolt when you take it away. Little do they realize that it simply is not sustainable. People have got to be willing to take responsibility for their own lives and not count on the government for their daily needs. In Spain, there were nearly 100,000 people protesting in the streets today about the austerity measures that are being enacted because THEY ARE OUT OF MONEY.
"I'm here to defend the rights that we're losing and for the young people who have it so tough," 57-year-old middle school teacher Roberto Alonso said. "They're better educated than ever. But they don't have work. They don't have anything. They're behind and they'll stay that way."

Look, buddy, getting free services from the government is not a "right". It is called wealth re-distribution. And it is probably one of key indicators as to why all of your well educated young people don't have a job.  

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