16 May 2012

Greek Crisis

Interesting article in what appears to be a crisis that is just getting closer and closer. Will Greece try to get out of the Euro? Will her people riot at the austerity measures that are required for the bailouts?

If the Greek government is finally able to form after the June 17th elections, and they choose to force austerity on the people... The public will revolt. They are too addicted to their government money. If Greece does not accept austerity, and it looks like it won't as Alexis Tsipras has a lot of momentum, then their only real option is to revert to the Drachma. Which will immediately cause hyper-inflation as no lending institution in their right mind would accept Greek denominated currency. I would be surprised if Merkel and company let Greece continue down the path it has followed up until this point.

So, as the people of Greece sit on the street starving because their currency is worthless, will they finally realize that they have to work for their income? Will they finally realize the government cannot provide their every need when they do no work?

Here's a great quote at the end of the article:
"Oddly, I can say that in many ways my Greek experience gave me wonderful opportunities.  Nonetheless, my epiphany came when Greece's economic collapse and the government's implosion revealed just how reliant on the government we are, and just how vulnerable to government mismanagement we are."
If the Greek economy collapses, will Americans and Europeans alike comprehend the reason? Will we recognize that big government is a failed experiment?

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