09 May 2012

Politics: French Choose Communism

Sarkozy has lost his 2012 bid for re-election as the French President. Not really news, but it is a key indicator of what Democrats have been pushing for here in the US.

The month-long session is scheduled to pass legislation ending several tax exemptions, imposing tax surcharges on banks and oil companies, approving a top tax rate of 75 percent for the wealthy and quashing a social VAT introduced by Sarkozy.
Armed with pump-action shotguns, sidearms and stun grenades the officers look like they belong in a war zone. In fact they are elite French policemen who were deployed to the historic centre of Lyon yesterday to deal with rioting students. President Nicolas Sarkozy took the extreme measure in the face of growing protests against an unpopular law aimed at increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62.
Ms. Merkel has expressed her support for Mr. Sarkozy over Mr. Hollande, who has promised fiscal measures to support France’s ailing economy and called for more growth efforts in Europe.

How does it fit? Well, Democrats are continuously pushing for more and more public dependence on the government. Health care, getting a job (detroit clothing program that cost $10M and helped 2 people!), government regulations, government funding to private businesses (Solyndra!), higher taxes (fair share), etc. The basic plan that government will take care of you from cradle to grave (see Obama campaign's "Life of Julia").

The end result is that the people can't give it up. Which keeps the party giving away all the goods in power. Regardless of the cost of the power. It will implode. See Greece. See Spain. See Italy. France may follow much quicker now... What will we do in November?

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