30 May 2013

Ban Stupidity, not Guns

I have to say, some of the news I hear about what some public schools are doing really bothers me. Teachers yelling at a 6 year old because he brought a small plastic toy gun to school (smaller than a quarter, I'm serious); schools with "zero tolerance" on anything gun related are harassing children who wear an NRA shirt, a 15 year old was expelled for having a cap gun on a school bus, or accidentally eat their food in such a way that it might look like a gun. In another instance, a 5-year-old girl was suspended for ten days and reportedly labeled a “terrorist threat” for threatening to shoot her friend with a toy bubble gun.

These Leftist Liberals are people crazy! They are causing more harm to the general public than any of these kids, but they are the ones charging these children with "disrupting the peace", "inciting violence", "being a terrorist threat", etc.

I know, many people in the Democratic party do not support what is happening, but at some point you have realize that your union values, the government is a safety net concept, etc are no longer the true goal of the DNC. There is a gradual erosion of American values happening. Young, teenage girls are allowed to have abortions without parental consent or notification. Religion is being attacked by trying to classify conservative Christians as extreme terrorists. Children are harassed for having a toy that looks like gun. This isn't the America where I want my kids to grow up.

We must re-establish the freedoms that were earned by the blood of so many past generations. End the nanny state and the big brother knows what's best mentality. Socialism is truly about bringing power to the elite class, not equality for all people. And they will enact socialism by gradually castrating the public and taking away your rights as a parent (planned parenthood, public schools), as an individual (right to bear arms; freedom of religion and speech), and as a human (socialized health care).

Original links came from The Blaze.

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