11 May 2013

IRS Admits to Targeting Conservatives

You are only a conspiracy theorist until the theory is proven accurate. Then it truly is a conspiracy.

In this case, several conservative not-for-profit groups have been complaining about being unfairly targeted for IRS audits over the past 18 months. Dana Loesch, Fox, Breitbart, and numerous others have been fighting to get this uncovered.

Well, the IRS has proven them right. Here is the statement from another perspective via ACLJ.

My question is, will this widen to other news groups and possibly lead to a congressional hearing? Ala Benghazi? (I am aware that the grave differences between these). The fact remains that the IRS should not ever be targeting groups based on their political affiliations?  I can hear the outcry now by Rachel Maddow now if G.W. had the IRS investigating groups because they were pro choice...

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