16 May 2013

NewEgg: Patent Troll Slayer

I've read a lot about Lee Cheng, NewEgg's Chief Legal Officer, and each time I see something new, I say, "Bravo!" Patent trolls are going crazy. Attacking everyone over very obscure, often unsubstantiated, claims in the hope that they roll over and settle. NewEgg does not.

This quote is fantastic:
"There's bad news and there's good news," said Cheng in an interview with Ars. "The good news is, we won this case on every point. The bad news is, we're running out of lawsuits. There are fewer trolls for us to fight. I've spent a lot of time over the last seven years figuring out what to do with these guys. There are strategies I think would be really neat and effective that I literally can't execute. I can't make good law because I don't have any appellate cases left. They [the trolls] are dismissing cases against us before any dispositive motions."

See everything at Arstechnica.

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