22 April 2012

Austerity and Responsibility

Why is it that the liberals are allowed to continue to push their push for greater government control? Where is it that the liberal agenda has been allowed to have the greatest influence in the past two decades? Europe. And, unless people enjoy the continuation of a life filled with denial, which "developed" countries are already existing under a state of austerity?

- Greece
- Italy
- Portugal
- Ireland
- Spain
- France
- Netherlands
- Germany
- UK
- Did I forget Greece?

Nearly every single major country in the Euro zone is facing a significant budget crisis. Greece has been experiencing riots left, right, and center as its overly coddled populace is having to face reality; Italy's public debt is 120% GDP; Ireland is cutting 6B Euro's (the US congress argues over $1B - pathetic); Portugal has nearly 15% unemployment; Spain's unemployment is nearly 24% and they are cutting 35B Euro's; The UK has gotten rid of the vast majority of their military; France is raising retirement ages (they also only have a 38 hour work week); Germany is cutting 80B Euros by 2014; And the Netherlands are trying to agree on their own budget cuts.

So, why is it that we are struggling in the US to accept conservative values? Progressive liberalism is being proven through all the European countries to simply be the most ineffective form of ruling the populace. Well, Communism actually already took that title, but Progressivism isn't much further behind.

The government is not your salvation. It cannot directly interact with you on a daily basis. It has no clue what you are capable of. All it can do is waste your money as it becomes a larger and larger behemoth. Look at Detroit: They received $11M for a program to help poor people get clothing so they could do job interviews as part of the stimulus... $11M. It was to help 400 people. $11M for 400 people. That is $27,500 per person. Isn't there something fundamentally wrong with signing off on a program this ridiculous? Let's ignore the fact that it only helped 2 people.

Or you could buy a fancy US government sponsored light bulb for $60. It's made by Phillips. A Dutch company. And it cost US tax payers $10M. Another waste of our money.

A federal government is incapable of helping the average, everyday individual. It is too big. Too far removed. Too bureaucratic. Too corrupt. WHY RAISE TAXES to fund an organization that cannot be trusted to spend the funds with discretion?

For that matter, why do we blame the government for our own inability to succeed? Dave Ramsey was talking on Friday about the question, "Are you better off today that you were 2 years ago?" And his statement was simply: You are stupid if you think that your situation today is a result of the government's actions. You are in the position you are because of your own choices. Period. No one forced you to take out a loan you cannot afford. No one forced you to buy a car. No one forced you to marry some crazy person that spends all you money and has ridiculous credit card debt. No one forced kept you at home after you lost your job (move to North Dakota). If you have stopped paying your bills hoping for a government bailout.... If you are in a difficult financial situation, it is your own fault. Do something about it. Don't count on someone to come and wave a magic wand and fix your incompetence.

Conservatism is about taking responsibility for yourself. It is about saying "No" to government intrusion into our lives. It is about being independent and free to succeed or fail based on our own individual choice. The government is here to provide us these freedoms. It is not here to be our sugar daddy. If we keep on believing the liars who say the government will give you all that you need, then we will be where Europe is today. Austerity. Take responsibility for yourself and your world will be a better place.

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