03 April 2012

False Reporting: Zimmerman

What happens when the media falsely reports an incident which could lead to an innocent being falsely accused? Or for inciting violence? Apparently not much.

You have to dig to find this stuff. The headlines on Google news are completely free of any mention about how bad the media is portraying Zimmerman. The worst thing comes down to how the mainstream media is trying to turn this into a white vs black, racial issue.

They keep on calling Zimmerman a white Hispanic male. Does his last name make him white?

NBC has manipulated the 911 phone call to change the flow of the conversation between Zimmerman and the operator.

The there are the pictures. Most images posted are showing Zimmerman as a convicted felon next a picture of Treyvon that five years old. Have you seen this image? Its a slightly different portrayal.

And news outlets got a hold of the videos, ABC edited and REPORTED that there does not appear to be any evidence of the injuries that Zimmerman claimed he received... But then read this. I would consider this highly unethical and libelous.

Should we add in the tweeting of the Zimmerman family address?

The worst part in this whole story comes down to it being a conduit to try and create division in our country. And the division is simply to promote Obama. A young teenager and what appears to be an upright citizen are being used for some other devious agenda.

Get this: Treyvon died 5 weeks ago. Why is this news being treated as if it just happened? Well, 5 weeks ago the media was busy telling the public that Republicans hate women. And, 5 weeks later, how can they be so wrong with their reporting when there has been plenty of time to vet the info?

They (mainstream media) are trying to manipulate the public. But where is the outrage? Why aren't you mad? Why are you still watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "Biggest Loser"?

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