22 March 2012

3rd world capitalism

Liberals and anti-Americans (and anti-colonialists such as Barack Obama!) like to claim that capitalism destroys those who are at the bottom of the food chain. That it only helps the rich. Here is a perfect example of how capitalism, and the striving to find solutions to problems through innovation, leads to an improvement in the quality of everyone's life.

Capitalism, not crony capitalism like what Obama has given us with Solyndra or with killing the Keystone pipeline, is the act of people addressing a real need and when that need is addressed appropriately, the person or company will experience success. Cheating people (phone scams), tax payers (Solyndra), investors (Bernie Madoff), etc is not capitalism, but theft should be treated as such. Instead, liberals and communists attack those who would actually try to help our society and claim that this is the fault of capitalism. Pathetic.

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