22 March 2012

As typical... great iPad review at Anandtech

Updated: Here is the full Anandtech review of the new iPad

What's the point of doing a review when you know that there is someone out there who will do a completely thorough and well executed review of a product you are interested in?

Anandtech has their in-depth review of the Apple TV (3) posted and it's tempting. The addition of 1080p and the very smooth Airplay mirroring make it appealing. However, I still lean towards the Roku solution if only for the more diverse support of streaming sources (such as Hulu).

We also have the "new iPad's" display detailed and quite a significant breakdown of the changes vs the iPad 2. I'm enjoying my iPad, but its my first, thus making the desire to compare against the older releases not so crucial as this isn't an upgrade. Basically, the battery life and the display are what won me over.

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