30 March 2012

Nuclear Reactor to be Built

This is some positive news! US regulators have FINALLY approved a new reactor - this one to be built in South Carolina.

Federal regulators Friday approved Scana Corp.'s proposal to build two new nuclear reactors in South Carolina, paving the way for the second license issued to a new nuclear power plant in two months after a drought that lasted more than 30 years.

The US could really do with moving away from the non-sense that "renewable" energy is the path to the future. It is not in the short term. Renewable energy is so far off in terms of feasibility and efficiency that we should not be declaring it to be part of the immediate future. It is only competitive in the market place because tax dollars are subsidizing the "companies" offering these products (who then use the subsidies to endorse their political supporter).

Practical solutions that stop us from having to send more and more of our dollars to the Middle East are the most important thing that we can do to protect our future in the near term. Look, even France has nuclear energy as their primary source of power - it is about 76%.

I think that the greatest issue I have with the argument regarding fossil fuels and their usage comes down to a single detail: We use oil and its derivatives for so much more than simply energy. Plastics, toys, rubber, and so many other day to day items that are in our lives come from oil. It is not just gasoline. Even if we were all using battery powered cars, the United States would still consume a massive amount of oil on a daily basis simply for the goods we manufacture.

Nuclear power, it may not be the greatest long term solution, but once governments stop over-regulating it, we will have a very stable source of energy until more we can effectively leverage other renewable sources.

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