09 March 2012

Hope and Change.

That is what the Obama administration said we could expect from this "new level of transparency" that we were now going to benefit from by electing such an upright and honest individual.

Well, when it comes to being a campaign fund raiser, the more money you raise for Obama (hotair.com), the greater chance you have of landing one of those lucrative white house positions (latimes.com)! This has been noted by several news outlets, but isn't really talked about much. Strange. 454 aides reported in 2011. Does this include Michelle's 24 aides (factcheck.org)? I wish more people in the media would publicize the continual hypocrisy of the Obama administration.

As far as transparency, all Obama seems to do is find more and more people to help hide the full extent of the government expansion he is trying to accomplish. He has his czars actually doing the dirty work. Obama, much like his Chief's of Staff, can completely deny knowledge of the underlings' actions (think of "Fast and Furious" (CBSNews.com). How about all the money that is getting funneled to Brazil (thenewamerican.com) to explore for oil in the Gulf of Mexico? Or the strange close ties to Warren Buffet and the refusal to allow the Keystone Oil pipeline (zerohedge.com)?

I think the only change that we can hope for under this man is his determination to undermine the foundation of what makes the United States of America great.

It's shameful.

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