12 March 2012

The Future of Apple

There have been a number of pundits around claiming that since Steve Jobs is no longer running Apple, that it will simply be a matter of time until they completely lose their direction.  The company is fated wander back to some evidently natural way of operating which is defined by the previous SJ absence in the late 80's and early 90's.

Here is Venture Beat's evidence.
ABC's noncommittal opinion.
Cult of Mac: Over time, however, Apple will and must gravitate toward normalcy, toward average, toward mediocrity.


I won't even try to make the case that Apple won't change. That's neurotic. Of course it will change. But, I think the key indicator of how good Apple will be since the passing of the iconic Steve Jobs can be seen in the companies that are ran by former Apple employees.

Nest is doing great. Their product definitely shows their Apple roots. The thoroughness. The attention to detail. The packaging. Spot on.

Both Twitter and Flipboard have strong Apple influence. PayPal and LinkedIn had founders who came from Apple.

Finally, just look at who is still at Apple. Tim Cook is largely responsible for the backend of the entire company. He has re-defined product line efficiency and has found ways to lock-up key components preventing competitors for being able to match the prices Apple can get.

Jony Ive. I don't think much needs to be said here.

Scott Forstall is leading iOS development and some of the new applications, such as iPhoto on the iPad, are brilliant.

The DNA is now in Apple to continue doing what they do best: making great products with attention to detail that no other company can match.

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