12 March 2012

Voting ID

There is always so much controversy over states requiring that people have photo identification as a requirement to vote. Why? In the case in Texas, we have the Justice Department trying to stop the law because it some how is bias against Hispanics. This actually seems to make some sense if take 15 seconds to think about it.

Texas has a problem with illegal immigrants. If you want to stop illegals from voting, it seems a very simple barrier is to require all people to have identification of some sort. And it's not exactly onerous. Here are some daily events that require showing ID that are often performed by all people regardless of income:

- Buying cigarettes
- Buying alcohol
- Using a credit card
- Going through TSA "security"
- Driving a car

The only real inconvenience is the TSA, but that has nothing to do with the ID requirement.

So, yet again we are wasting precious dollars by fighting the legality of a perfectly legitimate requirement. And, be honest, the reason both sides are fighting this has nothing to do with an individual's rights. The Dems want all the freeloaders they can get because they know where they will vote. The right wants limit the number of lazy, uneducated, and coerced people from voting (i.e. the groups who are promised a free ride and a meal to go vote).

Personally, I think the voting should be limited to people who had to pay taxes during the previous work year. Show up with your tax return. If you paid, you vote; if you didn't, tough. Seriously, you have to have skin in the game for your opinion to count. That's the real reason why only land owners could vote in the days of our founding father's - and it is likely the only reason why we were able to get such a wonderful foundation for a government. As the voting requirements have loosen over the decades, we have made it easier and easier for the masses to be manipulated. When you don't have anything to lose; when you are trying to get handouts; when you want someone to tell you how "the man" owes you...

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