30 March 2012

Pro Choice and Anti War

I saw a bumper sticker on my journey the other day:
How can you be Pro-Life and Pro-War?
This was on a car that had lots of Obama/Biden stickers also. So, a lib democrat I guess.

My immediate thought: isn't Pro-Choice (because no one wants to call it Pro-Death) and Anti-War (the obvious opposing option to Pro-War) even worse? On the one hand we have the option to want to save the lives of babies, but kill our enemies. Whereas the other option is to kill babies, but save our enemies. Hmmm. Was that bumper sticker thought out well? I could see being Pro-Life and Pro-Peace... and maybe Pro-Choice and Pro-War. Typically, however, the people on the other side of the wall are Pro-Choice and Anti-War.

At least by being Pro-Life & Pro-War the stance can be intelligently argued. We are protecting innocent lives; giving a voice to unborn and defenseless human beings. The most precious form of human life. To most Americans, Pro-War means we are willing to defend our families, our way of life, defending countries who are our allies (in the way only America can) and defending innocent lives when a dictator is committing massacres.

How can one intelligently defend the Pro-Choice & Anti-War stance? It's okay to let women choose to kill an innocent unborn child. Even if she is doing it simply because the baby isn't wanted*. But, how dare we go to war against another country! We'll risk losing American lives! (they volunteered to be in the military) We'll kill foreigners! (we go to war for a reason, I can't honestly believe that we are arbitrarily using our military to attack other innocent countries) We're disrupting another country's sovereignty! I personally view rouge countries much the same way I do criminals: They had their chance to operate sanely in the world, they have proven incapable of this, it is time for the consequences.

Speaking of criminals, the anti-war crowd is also against capital punishment. So, we will often have to let a known rapist and murderer (Here is a story about 9 boys who gang-raped a 14 year old girl. Should they be let off without a punishment?) live a life of relative safety in prison, but the unborn baby can be killed without any justification. 

This is a sad world we live in. I'm Pro-Choice. You have the choice whether to have sex.* I'm Pro-Life. We have a duty to preserve innocent life. I'm Pro-War. Genocide and war crimes must be stopped.

* Yes, rape is a very special circumstance and I can understand that there is massive amounts of trauma here. And when the case involves incest rape... Well, we know how Planned Parenthood handles that.




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