30 March 2012

Politics as Usual

Hey, so we have got Google News and every other news outlet just talking up a storm about this Zimmerman and Trayvon incident. There is hardly going to be any due process. And the photographs are completely unfair. We see a nice young looking Trayvon (he's 6'3 or so) and an incarcerated Zimmerman...

Here is a real good run down of who the "kid" Trayvon really is.

Pictures are posted by Trayvon himself. Shirtless, throwing all sorts of hand signs (the bird!) and being a punk-ass thug kid who ain't so small. Zimmerman is a respectable, clean cut, community watch activist!

If we're going to pre-judge, I'm on Zimmerman's side.

But really, I am even more concerned that news such as this girl being gang raped by 9 guys isn't even making headlines.

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